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An ePerusal is an electronic perusal script. The PDF file contains links throughout the script that allow you to listen to every song in the show as you read along on your device. It’s a great way to experience a show (for free!) before deciding whether it’s right for your organization. The PDF files will not allow you to print or photocopy the text. To perform any portion of the material you must purchase a valid license.

Every Production Kit includes an Actor Book, Director Book, Piano/Vocal Sheet Music, Accompaniment Tracks (also known as backing tracks or performances tracks), Vocal Tracks, Copy License, Logo Pack and a Video Recording License. Everything is provided as digital download that you can access throughout your rehearsal process.

Accredited US schools do not need to pay any additional royalty fees (the royalty fee is already included in the Production Kit price) as long as the performances take place within a one year period. Community theaters, private summer camps, participation fee based theater programs and other organizations are required to pay a “per performance” royalty that will be tabulated on the check-out page.

If you have any questions about which pricing you qualify for, please send us an email at hello@bbbpress.com.

If you are an accredited school, you do not need to pay any additional royalty fees (the royalty fee is already included in the Production Kit price) as long as the performances take place within a one year period.

If you charge a participation/enrollment fee for actors to perform in the show, you are subject to “per performance” royalty even if you do not charge for tickets or only host a showcase at the end of your program.

More shows are coming! They are in the pipeline. We are busy developing stories, arranging music, recording vocals, designing artwork and much more so our customers get the highest-quality shows as possible.

Yes!  The Video Recording License allows you to make video copies for your cast and even upload and share on the internet. We know how much grandparents in California want to see little Timmy’s tour de force. You are however not allowed to monetize any videos you upload. And proper credit must be included in the description of each video.

Yes! When you purchase the show’s Production Kit you get a license to make as many copies as you need for your production. The free ePerusals are for, well… perusal purposes only. To see if the show would be a good fit for your program, Therefore it is illegal and against federal copyright law to print or copy them.

You’ll first need to download the files to your computer, unzip them, then import it to your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Unfortunately you cannot “unzip” a .zip file from your portable Apple device.

We offer select Singles of our most popular songs from our musicals available for purchase here. These song kits include the lyric sheet, piano-vocal sheet music and accompaniment/backing track, Unfortunately we don’t allow “a la carte” purchases of the Production Kit.

Professionally trained writers within New York City’s musical theatre writing community. Their works have been produced in major theaters in NYC and across the country. When they are not writing children’s musicals, you’ll most likely find them developing and workshopping shows for major regional theaters and Broadway. Most writers are alumnae of either the Tony-Award Winning BMI Musical Theatre Workshop or the NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program.

Typically we develop every musical in-house. However we’re always on the look-out for incredible high-quality shows and writers. We only accept musicals that have had full staged productions. The material should be appropriate for kids in elementary and middle school with large flexible casts. The show should have the music completed. If you have a popular published children’s book we will consider having our team take a look at it for potential musical adaptation. If you are a graduate of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop or NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Program we encourage you to submit your musical. To submit a musical, email us at submission@bbbpress.com. Include a one-age synopsis, author bios, production history, and at least 3-4 high-quality MP3s of the show’s best songs.