Another Fundraising Idea for Your Children’s Theatre Production: FLOWERS

Fundraising for Children's Theatre - FlowersAbout a month ago, I blogged about 7 ways to fundraise for your next children’s play or musical. A few days ago I was talking with a drama teacher in California who had another idea to add to the mix: Flowers! As we all know, it’s tradition after a play to congratulate an actor with a bouquet of flowers.  It makes the actors feel warm and fuzzy, and shows that you’re proud and appreciate the work they’ve put into the show. So why not make this process super-easy for those in attendance, and raise a bit of money at the same time? Here’s how the idea was described to me:
  1. Go to Costco and buy a large quantity of flowers on the cheap
  2. Have a committee before the show separate all the flowers, and then “re-bundle” them into smaller bouquets tied together with a ribbon (and maybe a small card where one can write a personal note)
  3. As people arrive before a performance, have a table out front with the option to purchase these “mini-bouquets” for their star actor.  The price should be less than what it would cost them to buy flowers on their own, however enough so that you can earn a profit.
  4. It’s win-win for everyone!
What do you think?  Other suggestions?
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