3 thoughts on “AACTFest 2013 in Carmel, IN – Day 1 [PHOTOS]

  1. Larry Pint says:

    Hey, that’s me in photo 5 of AACT Fest! I’m the guy in the white shirt with blue stripes in the middle of the photo (back to you). The guy next to me in the orange/red shirt is Jim Walker, the outgoing Region V rep. Sitting on the far left is Bill Muchow, former President of AACT and outgoing Treasurer of MACT (Minnesota Assoc of Community Theatres).

    I’m the outgoing President of MACT. I was in your workshop Saturday morning.

    Larry Pint

    • bbbpress says:

      Hey Larry! Thanks for pointing out the important people. 🙂 And thanks again for coming to the workshop, I had a great time even though our turn-out was a bit light. Looking forward to staying in touch… – Denver

  2. Larry Pint says:

    It was a very good workshop. Too bad more people didn’t take advantage of it. I will be passing on what I learned to my partner for his use in the classes we present.

    Thanks, again, for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

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