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Drama Game: Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt Drama Game

Type: Break Out of Shell.

Purpose: A great way to get students – even the coolest – acting goofy and loving it.


1.  Get students in two equal lines facing each other – just a few feet apart.  Every student should be looking directly across from another student. (If space is tight, make two sets of two lines.)

2.  Tell one line they are line A and the other is line B.

3.  You will stand at the end of the lines and call out “A, B, Shift” over and over again. When you say A, everyone in line A strikes a pose. When you say B every one in line B makes a mirror copy of the pose the person across from them took on.

4.  When you say “shift” Line A shifts one person over in one direction, line B in the other direction. The people at the ends switch over from line A to B or B to A. You now have the exact same set up as at the beginning – people are just facing someone new.

5.  You repeat the process “A, B, shift” until people are back in the same position.

6.  To make things fun, start off slow “A (one Mississippi, two Mississippi), B (ditto), Shift (ditto)” and then slowly speed up so students are scrambling to keep up. (Note: If students get confused with where they are point out that when you do the shift you don’t end up facing the next person in line – you end up facing the person two people down. This will help the shifting.)

7.  Now things really start to get fun. Repeat the process again, but this time students must strike a pose and make a noise.

8.  For the final round, tell students to make a repeating motion and sound. Hopefully all heck will break loose and kids will be getting outrageously ridiculous and giddy.

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