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Remote Drama Activity: Family Fairy Tale

Contributed by Cindy Reardon on the Facebook Group: Theatre Education Distance Learning (Resource Sharing and Support Network). Edited by Beat by Beat Press.

Family Fairy Tales

Give students a list of 6-10 fairytales or children’s book. They must choose a book and read it with their family.

They must create a board of six tableau scenes (frozen pictures) that tell the whole story, using their family members.

They must “direct” their family members in these tableau scenes, take pictures of each one, and submit to you.

For older students, have them arrange all six in a 2×3 grid like a comic strip with captions. They can use Word, or Google Docs or any other word processing to achieve this and export the board as a PDF.

Consider posting each board to a private password-protected site, and have the class guess which book each board represents. 

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