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The Show Must Go Online: Song Preview


We’ve received an incredible response from the Beat by Beat community regarding our plan to create a musical that can be rehearsed and performed remotely.

Many of you have expressed how disappointed your students have been to have their performances cancelled. How as teachers you were at a loss and searching for solutions to inspire your kids for the remainder of the year.

Hearing your feedback has motivated our entire team to work even harder. We are meeting (virtually) daily and writing throughout the night. A typical Beat by Beat stage show takes a year to create. Given the unprecedented circumstances, we’re challenging ourselves to deliver this new musical to you by April 15th, 2020 – possibly sooner.

As a peek into our creative process, click the image above to listen to a draft of the title song from the show. Your opinion matters to us…comment below to let us know what you think.

Many of you have questions, so below we’ve provided an FAQ addressing some of the most common things that came up. As I mentioned in the first video, we’re figuring a lot of this out as we go along – so it’s very possible some things change as we progress.

For those that missed the first email, “The Show Must Go Online” is a virtual children’s musical that can be rehearsed and performed remotely. (You can watch the introduction video here.)

Each actor will receive a 1 minute monologue or song to rehearse, video record, and upload remotely. When all the videos are played in order, they tell the hilarious story of a group of passionate students desperate to keep their musical alive…online!

It is being written by Jessica Penzias, Dave Hudson and Denver Casado.


Frequently Asked Questions for The Show Must Go Online!:

What is the size of the cast?

Currently it has a cast of 20, plus the drama teacher.

What if I have fewer than 20 students?

You can easily double cast scenes if you have fewer students (assign more than 1 scene per actor).

What if I have more than 20 students?

You can easily do multiple virtual productions, with as many different casts as you’d like! You could use your same videos you record as the drama teacher for all productions.

What age is this geared toward?

We imagine this working well for ages 8 to 14.

Could my high school students do it?

Of course! If they don’t mind being a little silly 🙂

How long is the production?

It should be about 30 minutes or less when all the videos are combined.

When will it be available?

We are shooting for April 15th, 2020 at the latest (fingers crossed!)

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