Day 3 of 5 at Children’s Musical Theater Festival

This morning Musicville - New Children's MusicalBetina and I were invited to come have an informal Q&A with the cast of Musicville.  It’s their 3rd day of rehearsal in preparation for the two public performances this weekend as part of the Children’s Musical Theater Festival. We answered questions about everything from “How long did it take to write the show?” (a year to write, 6 months to rewrite) to “What’s your favorite number?” (Betina: Song of Silence, Me: Beat by Beat) to “What’s one of your favorite theatre experiences?” (Betina: Playing Luisa in the Fanstastics, Me: Flying over the audience in 8th grade as Peter Pan.)  We also talked about the songs we had cut and replaced and changes we made before the festival. Then the kids individually introduced themselves and their characters.  They had more questions along the lines of “How did you envision the Sorcerer and why is he so grumpy?”  and “What did you have in mind for the sets/costumes?”. And then the cast performed two numbers from the show for us, “Festival Tonight/Spooky Cool” and “Fun, Fun, Fun”.  It’s incredible what they’ve accomplished in 2 days!  Not only were the songs fully choreographed and performed with tons of energy, but they had everything completely memorized.  I had no idea they were going to memorize a 60-minute musical with choreography in 5 days.  Incredible. Can’t wait to see it all put together this weekend! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, festival info is below: Musicville will be performed Saturday, July 23rd at 3pm and Sunday, July 24th at 1pm at Baruch College Nagelberg Theatre, located at 55 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. All tickets are $10 and are general admission (no reserved seating). For tickets click here.
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