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Musicville Performance Photos – Gettysburg Elementary

Check out these production photos from Gettysburg Elementary’s “Musicville”! Pictures taken at their performance on November 2, 2011 in Clovis, CA.
Maiden Melody & Radical Rhythm.
Melody & Radical.
Half Rest.
Half Rest & Eighth Rest.
Breath Mark.
Off-beat, with the Melody Meadows Ensemble.
Melody & Radical.
Radical and the Solo of Soul.
Doo-wops, in the Desert of Doo-wop!
A Tanguerro, in the Terrible Terrain of Tango.
Another passionate Tanguerro.
Maiden Melody captured by the Tanguerros.
Radical, Melody and the Sorceress of Silence.
We did it!

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