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Drama Game: Do You Love Your Neighbor?

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus.


1.  Arrange chairs in a circle; one chair per person playing, minus one.

2.  One person stands in the middle of the circle and approaches a person sitting in the circle and asks: “Do you love your neighbor?”

3.  If that person answers: “Yes, I love my neighbor,” the two people sitting on either side of him/her, quickly tries to exchange seats before the person in the middle sits in one of their chairs.

4.  If they answer “No,” they continue with, “But, I love everyone who… __________” (i.e. …has brown eyes). Everyone in the circle with brown eyes finds a new chair.

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5 thoughts on “Drama Game: Do You Love Your Neighbor?

  1. Amy says:

    This is one of my favourites. It can be made harder and even more fun (or chaotic!) by adding in a new rule after a few rounds – when a chair to your left becomes empty, you have to move into it. It’s hilarious to watch and to play!

  2. Katie says:

    This is an amazing game! I played it in Year 5 and it was always so fun! the other day, I was trying to remember the rules!

  3. Evangelist Joshua uzodike says:

    I love this setting , how can I get books for drama clubs in my school s outreach programs. I like this type of drama that brings biblical value out for teaching kids.

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