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Drama Game: Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker Drama GameType:  Impov, Creativity


1.  Place four chairs on stage to represent four seats in a car. Four students start in the car and they are going somewhere.

2.  A “hitchhiker” stands up and puts their thumb out. The hitchhiker has a very strong characteristic, such as enormous sneezes, extremely old age, annoyed business person, etc.

3.  One of the passengers will say “look, hitchhiker” and they will pull over to pick the hitchhiker up.

4.  The hitchhiker enters the front passenger seat and the other students rotate around clockwise.  The driver gets out of the car.

5.  As soon as the hitchhiker enters the car, all the passengers and driver take on the hitchhiker’s characteristics immediately and to the extreme.

6.  They continue dialogue until new hitchhiker comes on.

7.  This round robin should move very quickly.

NOTE: On the first day, you can save the improv game for the last 5 or ten minutes – to send them off with a bang.

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