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Drama Game: What Are You Doing?

Purpose:  Develops focus and creativity, and reinforces concept of having an activity vs. action.


1.  Have eight students volunteer. Two stand up facing the audience and the other six line up behind each of the two. (Two vertical lines facing the audience)

2. One student in the front row starts an “activity” (brushing teeth, tap dancing, swimming).

3.  The other person in the front row asks “What are you doing?”

4.  While that person continues to, for example, brush his teeth, he says “I’m washing my car”

5.  The asker must immediately start washing his car while the first student goes to the back of the line and the next student moves up.

6.  That student who just moved up immediately asks “What are you doing?”  Again the other student in front must continue to wash a car while he says, for example, “I’m curling my hair.”

7.  And so on. Students are eliminated if they hesitate, freeze up or stop what they are doing while they say what they are doing.

8.  Go until you are down to one student.

9.  Bring up the next eight students, etc.


– This could also be done in one big standing circle.

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