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Drama Game: Talk Show Expert

(Note:  A variation of The Expert)

Type:  Improv, Creativity


1.  Two students sit on chairs in front of the “audience”

2.  One person is the “expert” and one is the talk show “host.”

3.  The host’s job is to throw focus to the expert and the expert’s job is to take focus.

4.  The host can make up the name of their show and a silly song to introduce it.

5.  The host asks for the audiences for an object and an action. This is what the expert will be an expert at.

6.  For example, The host introduces: “Welcome to the _____ Show! Today we’re here with Dan, who’s an expert on teaching pigs how to do karate. Tell us more Dan…”

7.  Dan has to go along with whatever the host has made up. (Remember, the expert knows everything and whatever they say, no matter how outrageous, it is always right.)

8.  After the initial interview the host will take questions from the audience for the expert to answer (this way more people get to participate, and students who are more shy get to shine for a moment as they work their way up to try out being experts or hosts.)

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