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Drama Game: Group Environment

Type:  Creativity, Improv

Purpose:  This is a great group environment and listening game.


1.  In a group you decide on an environment (i.e. kitchen), then one by one players enter the kitchen and create one object (i.e. a player enters and opens a refrigerator) and exits.

2.  Each subsequent player that enters must use the object that the players created before as well as introduce one new element so that the last player to enter must remember every thing that was used before him.

3.  It is important to emphasize the value of consistency of a physical environment.  Has the sink stayed in the same place every time, did someone leave the refrigerator door open and the next player not think to close it?

4.  Once the final player has gone, reflect on the environment and have each player vocalize what object they created…you may be surprised to see how some things were not as clear as others.

Other Environment Ideas:

–  Office
–  Backyard
–  Classroom
–  Jungle

If you have other environment ideas, leave a comment below!

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