Drama Game: Superheroes

superType: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: This a really fun improv game to play with older students.


1.  Ask 1 player to take center stage, and 3 players to line up offstage.

2.  Ask the audience for a suggestion for a made-up superhero (“Laundry man!”, “Captain Toothbrush!”, “The Invisible Pancake!”, “Princess Talk Too Fast!”, “Dr. Never Smile!” etc.)  The player onstage will take on this character.

3.  Ask the audience for a “crisis”. (“An asteroid is headed toward earth!”, “The internet is down!”, “You’ve run out of milk!”). The crisis can be big or tiny.

4.  The player onstage begins the scene with a monologue, as the superhero, explaining the crisis. (Consider having them turn on the radio or TV to discover the problem.)

5.  When the player says “If only I had some help!” a 2nd player enters. The 1st players endows the 2nd players with a superhero name. (“Thank goodness you’re here, Wink Girl!”).  The 2nd player takes on that character and joins the scene.

6.  After awhile of trying to solve the crisis, a 3rd player enters and the 2nd players endows him/her with a name.

7.  Finally the 4th player enters and the 3rd player endows him/her with a name.

8.  The scene continues until the superheroes find a reason to exit, in opposite order that they arrived.

NOTE: Check out a version of this game played on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” here.

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4 thoughts on “Drama Game: Superheroes

  1. Judy says:

    I’ve been doing theater work with students of various ages for 30 plus years. This is a delightful resource and I will be purchasing the book.

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