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Drama Game: Toy Boat

toyboat drama gameType: Ensemble Building, Trust

Purpose: A simple trust exercise that will help your students work together and feel comfortable with the group.  Also a great game to play to calm the energy of a class.


1.  Have the group stand in a large circle.

2.  Explain that in the middle of the circle is a shallow pond.

3.  Stand behind one student and ask her to close her eyes. As you gently push her forward, she is to become a toy boat that lightly glides to the other side of the pond (with her eyes closed).

4.  When the boat reaches the other side, a student should be ready to catch her.  The boat opens her eyes and takes the place of whichever student caught her.

5.  The student who “caught her” now becomes the next toy boat to float across the circle.


–  Make sure that every aspect of this game happens in slow, gentle motion.

–  Students will realize when their eyes are closed the other side of the circle is much further than they think.

–  After a few rounds, consider allowing sending two or three toy boats across at the same time.

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