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Drama Game: Islands

drama game islandsType: Ensemble Building

Purpose: A simple game to get kids comfortable with each other and working together.


1.  Place sheets of newspaper around the playing area. They should not be touching and there should be enough space to walk around them. Put out one less sheet than you have students playing.

2.  Explain to the group that they are going for a swim in the ocean, and the newspapers are tiny islands. The only problem is, sometimes there are sharks in the ocean! Whenever you shout “Sharks!” each player must step onto the closest island.

3.  You are allowed more than one person per piece of paper.

4.  A person is on an “island” if no part of their body is touching the surrounding floor.

5.  After everyone is safely, completely on a sheet, ask the group to move around the room again.

6.  As they do this, remove one (or more) sheet(s) and repeat the process. End the game when the whole group has successfully placed themselves on the remaining pieces of newspaper . . . or when they have collapsed trying!


–  Consider using music for each new round of “swimming”. Something tropical or Hawaiian might work well.

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1 thoughts on “Drama Game: Islands

  1. Linda says:

    Also possible with a circle of chairs – if there are many children, it might be better to put them in groups of 5-7 (one circle of chairs per group):

    Let the children walk (or why not dance) around the chairs during the music. When the music stops they have to stand all together on the chairs. Remove one chair per turn, and see how far they get – or which group gets the furthest.

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