Drama Game: Sound Ball

Drama Game Sound BallType: Creativity, Warm-Up

Purpose: A fun activity that allows kids to practice working with imaginary objects, and create strong voices.

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1.  Create a standing circle.

2. Explain to the class that in your pocked you have a very special, very magical sound ball.

3. Mime pulling a tiny ball out of your pocket and show it to the class.

4. Explain that this ball is magic because the louder the sound you make, the bigger the ball grows. The quieter the sound, the ball shrinks.

5. Give an example of a loud sound, and mime the ball growing very large and very heavy requiring both hands to hold it.

6. Then give an example of a quiet sound, and mime the ball shrinking to something very tiny and light.

7. Explain that you are going to pass this magic sound ball around the circle, and each student must make a sound to either grow or shrink the ball, then pass it to her neighbor. (If the kids are young they could just say their name.)

8. Remind the students that their whole bodies should reflect how heavy or light the ball is, especially when passing it to another person.

9. After the ball goes around once, allow the kids to bounce the ball across the circle. Encourage them to make strong eye contract with whomever they are passing it to.

10. Once again, make sure the kids keep track of how big or small the ball is.

11. At the end of the activity, choose one student to be the “keeper” of the sound ball, and you will ask them for it next time you play. Shrink the ball, hand it to the student, and have him put it in his pocket. Next to you play, they will ALWAYS remember who has the ball 🙂

NOTE: This activity can be used as a way to remind kids to have BIG voices on stage.

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