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Drama Game: Questions

questions drama game

Type: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A popular improv game that will help students think beyond the most obvious answer.


1. Divide the class into two lines, in which the heads of the lines face each other centerstage.

2. Give the students a prompt or setting.

3. The heads of each line come together and interact based on the prompt, but they can only speak in questions.

4. If any student messes up, says a statement instead of a question, or takes too long, call out “Next!” and he/she must move to the end of the line and the next player in line joins the scene.

5.  Continue until everyone has had a chance.


Prompt: It’s raining goldfish.

PLAYER HEAD OF LINE A: Do you smell fish?

PLAYER HEAD OF LINE B: Why do you ask?

PLAYER HEAD OF LINE A: Have you seen what’s falling from the sky?

PLAYER HEAD OF LINE B: Do you think I’m blind?!

(PLAYER HEAD OF LINE A hesitates for too long…”Next!”… she goes to the back of LINE A and the next student in LINE A steps forward.)



For a prompt, world catastrophes or big general conflicts work well. You could also just give a setting like “The Zoo”, or “A Doctor’s Office”, etc.

Have an idea for a great prompt? Leave it in the comments below!

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