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No-hassle video and streaming rights for every Beat by Beat musical


Our goal is to help you keep your theatre programs alive during this crazy time.

And to do that we are providing ultimate flexibility in how you can present your Beat by Beat musical. 

1) Every single Beat by Beat show is available for live or pre-recorded streaming online.

2) We are now allowing organizations to sell tickets to streamed productions to help support their programs…at no extra cost to accredited schools, and for the price of a single performance royalty for other organizations.

3) We are also providing flexibility to adapt any musical as needed to work in whichever format or setting required (socially distant, with masks, small cast, virtual, etc.)

All of these permissions will be included when you purchase a Production Kit to any of our musicals, so even if you purchase a kit with the intention of performing in-person, but suddenly have to transition to distance learning, you will be covered.

Of course these permissions are in addition to our extremely popular virtual musicals, The Show Must Go Online and Super Happy Awesome News!, which have now received over 850 virtual productions. These musicals were created specifically to be rehearsed and performed remotely. (As a reminder the discounted price for these two virtual musicals will be ending on September 1st…so if you’re interested in using them for the coming year we recommend jumping on them now!)

Below are some details and FAQ about our policies and what you can and cannot do with the material you license from Beat by Beat. 

We hope this flexibility helps you continue to provide a rewarding experience for your students while keeping your clubs and programs running safely. 

Click here to browse every musical in the Beat by Beat catalogue.

How does ticketed streaming work?

Ticketed streaming is defined as selling tickets to allow access to a live or pre-recorded video of the musical.

For all of our musicals, we now allow ticketed streaming included in the Production Kit price for all accredited educational organizations ($199-$299 depending on length of the show).

For other organizations, we allow ticketed streaming with the purchase of a single performance royalty ($70-$90) in addition to the price of the Production Kit ($199-299). You’ll find this cost to be a small fraction of what you would pay with larger publishers like MTI or Concord.

And unlike other publishers, we do not require you to use a specific streaming service or ticking platform – you can use any provider that best serves your purpose!

If tickets are being sold to an online video or stream, you may only sell them within a one-month window. After that, the video can live online, but tickets may not continue to be sold without a separate and valid license from Beat by Beat Press.

Under all circumstances, credit much be attributed to Beat by Beat Press in the form of a title card preceding the show, as well as text in the description of the video, as pasted below:


Presented through special arrangement with Beat by Beat Press (www.bbbpress.com).

Under no circumstances may you monetize the videos with commercial ads.

For virtual musicals, ticketed streaming will now be included in every purchase for the same flat price. (As a reminder the discount for these two virtual musicals will end on September 1st).

May I reduce the number of characters in a show to perform a “small cast” version?

Yes. We would be happy to provide you with an editable version of the script upon request to help you in that process.

If we purchase the production, but are unable to put it on due to extenuation circumstances, would you extend the rights beyond the 1 year mark?

Yes, simply email us at hello@bbbpress.com describing your situation and we will help.

Do you have other virtual musicals in development?

We are currently working on several new projects, with an eye toward making them ideal for a variety of performance settings. We are calling these “hybrid” musicals that will be simple to present as either full on-stage performance, small cast-performance, video-recorded and streamed, or completely remote/virtual. Unfortunately we do not have a specific date for any upcoming releases at this moment.

If you have specific feedback for what you need in the coming year simply comment below and let us know! 

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