Drama Game: Sausage!

drama game sausageType: Focus

Purpose: To help kids not break focus and stay in character.


1.  Divide the class into two groups, Group A and Group B.

2.  Have Group A form a single file line offstage right, and Group B form a single file line offstage left.

3.  One person from Group A and Group B will walk toward the center. “A” will face “B” and ask him/her a question. No matter the question, “B” must keep a straight face and answer “sausage”.

4.  Then they will exit and a new pair will take the stage.

A: What’s that hanging from your ear?
B: Sausage
A: What’s your sister’s name?
B: Sausage
A: How old are you?
B: Sausage.

5.  After everyone has gone, select a few volunteers to go into the “hot seat” and ask him/her several rapid fire questions, in which each response should be “sausage” with a straight face.  See if they can get through 8 questions in a row.

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3 thoughts on “Drama Game: Sausage!

  1. Amy Viskozki says:

    O.K. I thank you for this idea! I need more!! I am not a theater teacher (elementary music teacher, instead) though I love Broadway! Going to purchase your “Twas the Week After Christmas” show – looks so much fun! I’m soooooo thrilled to find out about you!!!

  2. Corina says:

    Love this game!! We had so much fun with it.

    One of my teenage students suggested we answer with “My grandma’s undies”.

    So, it went something like this:

    What is your favorite animal?
    My grandma’s undies

    Oh dear! 😀

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