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Drama Game: Affirmation

Affirmation Drama GameType: Ensemble Building

Purpose: This is a great activity to use at either the very beginning or very end of a session (or rehearsal). If used at the beginning, it sets a positive and uplifting tone for the day’s session. If used at the end, it will help the students feel good about what they’ve accomplished and leave feeling energized.

1.  Have the whole class stand in a circle, holding hands, eyes looking at the floor.

2.  Going around the circle, each student will say one word at a time, building upon one another to collectively create a phrase that sets a challenge for that day’s work (or positively reflecting on that day’s activity).

3.  When the group collectively feels that a phrase has been completed, they will raise their hands in the air and step in the circle creating a big clump while shouting “Yes!”.

4.  The players then take their place back in the circle and a new phrase begins where they left off.


For the start of a session: “Today…we…will…listen…and…work…together.” ALL: “Yes!”

For the end of a session: “I…learned…to…never…turn…my…back…to…the…audience.” ALL: “Yes!”


– Consider allowing the kids to come up with their own affirmative phrase instead of “Yes!”. (i.e. Whoohoo! Totally! You got it dude! etc.)

– Instead of going in order around the circle, consider allowing kids to add words randomly in a “give and take”.

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