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Drama Game: Word Circle Improv

drama game word circle

Type: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A simple game to use before introducing kids to improvisation.


1. Have the class stand in a circle facing in.

2. Place a marker at the feet of one student (the marker could be anything but should be large enough to not be missed, i.e. a large book, or binder, or even a small chair)

3. Stand in the middle of the circle. Call out a category (i.e. Mexican Food)

4. Tell the kids that they are to walk around the circle. When they pass in front of the marker, they must call out a word in that category.

5. At any moment you may switch the category, but they must always continue walking around the circle, saying a word as they pass in front of the marker.

6. As the kids get more comfortable, encourage them to speed up their pace!


Instead of categories, it could be just free association based on any word you say.

Encourage the kids to not think too hard, the circle should move quickly.

Other Categories:

Things that roll
Things that fly
Things that are green
Musical instruments

Have other category ideas? Leave them in the comments below!

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1 thoughts on “Drama Game: Word Circle Improv

  1. Minal lalwani says:

    Things that we eat,Things that we carry to school,Things that we wear in winter,Things that we wear in winter

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